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Wild water's temperatures at the geographical natural distribution of Cyprinodontiformes livebearers


Respect and valuate fish biology is definitely a strait line in to assure the success of every species preservation in captivity but, above all, an ethical imperative.
Regrettably, the large majority of exotic aquarium fish species are not native from regions with similar climate
of that where we reside and want to keep them in our domestic setup.
Even regarding some species high level of adaptability to adverse and new conditions, trying to keep fish under proper as well as healthy conditions might be a moral dogma for any truthful hobbyist.
Only after Internet common ease of access and web information improvement, some useful and honest data about our fish wild environment have recently become accessible.
After a general familiarity with reference to some natural regions parameters, aquaria enthusiasts, placed outside that natural geographic range, start to understand how difficult could be some times to replicate such ecological conditions at home.
The data presented shortly below, is about estimated water temperatures with reference to some localities spotted on the map. These are places chosen in some well known species geographical distribution.
Such simulations must be regarded as mere guides for environment replication in captivity or for a good idea about species compatibility when choosing tank mates.
Keep always in mind that the old aphorism concerning fancy strains fine adjustment to man made environment, even when it is quite far from the original one in the wildness... is false !
Fish have been shaped by millions of years, submitted to a particular habitat characteristic. There is no scientific evidence that this evolution could have been simply “ erased “ or twisted by some decades, ( or even centuries ), of human artificial selection and manipulation.
By the above mentioned reasons, this is unquestionably an excellent starting point for any effort of doing things better. Any minor attitude adjusting your practice right through the right way, with a realistic captivity fish conservation, may represent a difference between success and disappointment or... at least, will help you to feel better with your conscience !
The next map points the locations where a graphic, regarding water temperature evolution year round, was compiled for such site. Please fallow the links listed below, in order to get the information about each spot.



Links connecting water's annual temperatures with reference to pointed locations in the map :


01 - Elizabeth City

02 - Savannah

03 - Miami

04 - Atlanta

05 - Memphis

06 - New Orleans

07 - Corpus Christi

08 - Austin

09 - Chihuahua

10 - Mexicali

11 - Culiacán

12 - Guadalajara

13 - San Luis Potosí

14 - Tampico

15 - Veracruz

16 - Acapulco

17 - Cancún

18 - Belize City

19 - San Miguel

20 - Bluefields

21 - Panama City

22 - Cartagena

23 - Cienfuegos

24 - Port-au-Prince

25 - Cumana

26 - Port-of-Spain

27 - Mabaruma

28 - Boa Vista

29 - Tumaco

30 - Lima

31 - Manaus

32 - Macapa

33 - Cuiaba

34 - Fortaleza

35 - Salvador

36 - Rio de Janeiro

37 - Assunción

38 - Porto Alegre

39 - Salto City

40 - Junin

41 - Mar del Plata

We should be extremely gratified and thank you in advance if some one could provide new data about this topic, or even eventually any correction to be made on this document. For this purpose please be so kind and write us.


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