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5.1) Fotos e imagens autorizadas sobre espécies / Species authorized pictures and images :

Ameca splendens

Characodon audax

Characodon lateralis I

Characodon lateralis II

Gambusia puncticulata

Girardinus metallicus I

Heterandria formosa

Limia nigrofasciata I

Limia nigrofasciata II

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) reticulata I

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) reticulata II

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) cf. wingei " Cumaná " Classe P e híbridos ( Class P and hybrids )

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) cf. wingei " Cumaná " Classe P ( Class P )

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) cf. wingei " Cumaná " Classe N ( Class N )

Poecilia ( Acanthophacelus ) cf. wingei " Cumaná " Classe P e K ( Class P and K )

Poecilia ( Mollienesia ) salvatoris I

Poecilia ( Mollienesia ) sphenops I

Poecilia ( Mollienesia ) spp I

Priapella intermedia

Skiffia multipunctata I

Skiffia multipuncata II

Xenotoca eiseni

Xenotoca cf. eiseni " San Marcos "

Xiphophorus hellerii I

Xiphophorus hellerii II

Xiphophorus maculatus I

Xiphophorus maculatus II

Xiphophorus maculatus III

Xiphophorus ( estirpes selvagens ) I / Xiphophorus ( wild strains ) I

Xiphophorus ( estirpes selvagens ) II / Xiphophorus ( wild strains ) II

5.2) Fotos micro / micro pictures :

Ameca splendens

Gambusia holbrooki ( por confirmar / unconfirmed )

Gonopodium de Poecilia reticulata e de Poecilia cf. wingei " Cumaná " classe N / Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia cf. wingei  " Cumaná " Class N gonopodium comparison

Gonopodium de Poecilia reticulata e de Poecilia cf. wingei " Cumaná "  / Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia cf. wingei  " Cumaná " gonopodium comparison

5.3) Os meus peixes e ambiente natural / My fishes & natural habitat :

Delfim Machado - Viagem ao México 2007 / Vacations in Mexico 2007

Felipe Aoki Gonçalves - Poecilia reticulata " selvagem " + Poecilia vivipara / Poecilia reticulata " wild " + Poecilia vivipara

Felipe Aoki Gonçalves - Poecilia vivipara

Felipe Aoki Gonçalves - Micropoecilia cf. branneri " Parnaíba "

José Bentes ( AquaBen ) I - várias espécies / several species

José Bentes ( AquaBen ) II - várias espécies / several species

José Bentes ( AquaBen ) II - várias espécies / several species

Lars Vig Jensen & Martin Ravn Tversted - várias espécies de Goodeiídeos criados em lagos / several Goodeid species kept in fish ponds during Summer

Maria João Mourato I - Poecilia cf. wingei + Poecilia reticulata ( selvagem / wild )

Miguel Andrade I - Resultados da prospecção de 23 de Fevereiro de 2009 / Garden fish pond survey on February 23rd, 2009

Miguel Figueiredo - várias espécies / several species

Nuno Janardo - Gambusia holbrooki ( ambiente natural / habitat )

Cristal Piscicultura / Cristal Fish Hatchery

5.4) Ligações a galerias de imagens noutras fontes / External sources image links :

Association France Viviparae

British Livebearer Association

Japanese Livebearer Association

Swiat Dzikish Zyworodek

The American Livebearer Association

Xiphophorus Stock Center

5.5) Filmes / Movies ( 320x240 ) :

Girardinus metallicus - Cortejo ( variante 1 ) / Girardinus metallicus - Courtship ( variant 1 )  21 segundos / 21 seconds ( 1.748 KB )

Girardinus metallicus - Cortejo ( variante 2 ) / Girardinus metallicus - Courtship ( variant 2 )  22 segundos / 22 seconds ( 1.342 KB )

Limia nigrofasciata - Cópula furtiva / Limia nigrofasciata - Sneack mating  17 segundos / 17 seconds ( 1.389 KB )

Limia nigrofasciata - Cortejo / Limia nigrofasciata - Courtship  28 segundos / 28 seconds ( 2.998 KB )

Limia nigrofasciata - Cortejo II / Limia nigrofasciata - Courtship II  28 segundos / 28 seconds ( 3.420 KB )

Skiffia multipunctata - Cortejo / Skiffia multipunctata - Male's flirt dance  15 segundos / 15 seconds ( 1.154 KB )

Skiffia multipunctata - Combate entre Machos / Skiffia multipunctata - Male's fight  19 segundos / 19 seconds ( 2.022 KB )

5.6) Ilustrações e outras obras de arte / Illustrations and other works of art  :

001 - 005

006 - 010

011 - 015

016 - 020

021 - 025

026 - 030

5.7) Filmes na Internet / Internet Movies :

Altotonga1 Rio Pancho Pozas, Altotonga - habitat de Xiphophorus variatus et Pseudoxiphophorus bimaculatus Vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea.

Balmorhea State Park, Texas [ Official ] The crystal clear springs of Balmorhea State Park are an oasis in the west Texas desert. Located in the foothills of the Davis Mountains, Balmorhea offers visitors the unique opportunity to swim and snorkle in a natural spring-fed pool. The 1930s-era Spanish-style motel and bathhouse lend the park an old fashioned charm. For more information.

Belonesox birth Belonesox belizanus giving birth.

Belonesox belizanus Sexy time

Cyprinodon bifasciatus A male Cyprinodon bifasciatus ( two-lined pupfish ) defends its territory in Cuatrocienegas, Coahuila, Mexico. Other fish visible are Gambusia marshi and Herichthys minkleyi.

Cuatro Cienegas Cuatro Cienegas es un paraiso en el desierto mexicano, debemos cuidarlo... si se acaba lo hermoso que tenemos no hay mas....

Collecting and Preserving Fishes with the TNHC,... Part 1 - takes you on a fish collecting trip with staff from the Texas Natural Science Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Collecting and Preserving Fishes with the TNHC,... Part 2 - shows how fish are preserved, and why we need voucher specimens in the collection. Features staff from the Texas Natural Science Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Fish Giving Birth  My Dalmation Molly (Poecilia sphenops) giving birth. The fry that are a little bit more white and bigger and already swimming around were born a week earlier by another female.

Gambusia Two young Gambusia Rhyzophorae males sparring.

Gambusia hurtadoi, Cyprinodon macrolepis, Ojo Dolores, Gambusia hurtadoi, Cyprinodon macrolepis, El Ojo de Hacienda Dolores, Chihuahua, Mexique Vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea.

Gambusia krumholzi, Rio Nava, Coahuila, Mexique Gambusia krumholzi, Rio Nava, Coahuila, Mexique vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea.

Gambusia marshi and Astyanax mexicanus Gambusia marshi, Astyanax mexicanus, Rio mesquites- Cuatro Ciénegas -Coahuila Vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea

Ilyodon ameca breeing Ilyodon ameca is a very endangered fish in the wild, here is a clip of a pair of fish breeding, this rarely seen and the dance done by the male is very intresting to watch

Juveniles Xiphophorus variatus and Gambusia marshi

Laguna Ocom, Christian Keller Santandrea Laguna Ocom – Yucatan - Mexique , habitat de nombreux Poeciliidae comme Poecilia mexicana, Phallichthys fairweartheri, Belonesox belizanus, Gambusia sexradiata

Laguna Ocom, Poecilia mexicana Laguna Ocom, Poecilia mexicana

Le conditionnement des poissons collectés 1 collecte, pêche, conditionnement des poissons fishing fish guppy cichlids livebearers killies cichlidae vivipare

Long swords get girls

Mollies ( Poecilia sphenops ) giving birth Poecilia sphenops, purebred melanistic mollies, giving birth in a natural planted aquarium, a good number of the babies are premature as the egg sack is still attached.

Mosquitofish Fish Biologist Chris Miller discusses the District's Mosquito fish program. Mosquito fish are a great natural eliminator of mosquito larvae and are available free to Contra Costa residents to place in their ornamental ponds !

Mosquitofish being used for mosquito control in Bergen County  The Bergen County Mosquito Commission has acquired around 15,000 Gambusia affinis, also known as the mosquitofish, from the Hacketstown State Fish Hatchery. The season's wet spring and summer has made for ideal mosquito-breeding conditions. The conditions combined with the rising number of home foreclosures, which leads to unattended residential swimming pools and lots of standing water means there are mosquitos everywhere. The commission stocks the pools with the tiny fish so they can eat the larvae before they hatch into adult mosquitos. ( Video by André Malok / The Star-Ledger )

Plan del rio - Poeciliopsis gracilis Habitat de Poeciliopsis gracilis , ruisseau à Temazcal ( Plan del Rio ), vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea

Xenophallus umbratilis " Arenal " Xenophallus umbratilis in my tank

Xiphophorus birchmanni " Rio Calnali, Mexico " A sword-less sword : Xiphophorus birchmanni in my tank.

Xiphophorus montezumae Biotope film Tamasopo.

Xiphophorus multilineatus Pygmy swordtail

Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl Headstanding Behavior Headstand performed during testing trials at the University of Texas Austin.

Xiphophorus nigrensis " blue swordtail " A nice video in strong currents of the Rio Choy. There are a couple of nice males shown here. Notice all the large black snails.

Xiphophorus variatus, rio Pancho Pozas, Altotonga, (Veracruz) Mexique Xiphophorus variatus, rio Pancho Pozas, Altotonga, ( Veracruz ) Mexique
vidéo de Christian Keller Santandrea.

Xiphophorus variatus Xiphophorus variatus in open envirnoment.

Wild swordtail from Honduras wild pair.

Wild Guppy at Tyne Valley Aquatics Wild Guppy in with Endlers livebearers at Tyne Valley Aquatics near Prudhoe - North East England.

Vallée de Cuatro Ciénegas cuatro cienegas, cichlids, cichlidae, gambusia marshi, cyprinodon bifasciatus, livebearers, vivipare,killies, herichthys cichlasoma minckleyi, Christian Keller Santandrea.

Vector District treats for mosquitos in Tea Fire burn area of Santa Barbara and Mosquito & Vector Management District of Santa Barbara County - an independent Special District form of local government - is covered in this KKFX-TV11 news report broadcast during their morning show on 02 February 2009.

The District was treating standing water for mosquito larvae in the Tea Fire burn area in the foothills above Montecito and Santa Barbara. The KKFX field reporter interviews Brian Passaro, General Manager of this local agency.

Video Video 2 fish mexico http://forum-france... Pêche dans un petit ruisseau tributaire du rio Nazas, au sud de la ville de Rodeo ( Etat de Durango ) fish : Poeciliopsis and Cyprinodon.


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