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Frequently asked questions about Taxonomy, Systematic, Classification and Zoological Nomenclature

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What is Taxonomy ?

What is Classification ?

What are the differences between Taxonomy and Systematic ?

Are species names important ?

Are common names enough ?

What is the International Biological Nomenclature Code ?

What are taxon ?

What are the objectives of Biological Nomenclature ?

What is a incertae sedis ” specie ?

Why species authors are occasionally between round brackets ?

What are the rules for generic designation ?

What are the fundamental rules for a specie naming ?

How can a new specie description be validated ?

What is a type-locality ?

What is a valid name ?

What is a available name ?

What are synonyms ?

What is the Priority Law ?

What is a nomen novum ( nom. nov. ) ?

What is a homonymous ?

What is sub-specie, form and variety ?

How to quote the subgenus name ?

What does it means sp ( or spp ), cf. and aff. ? 

Nomem dubium ?

What are the Phylogenetic Systematic or Cladistic ground rules ?


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