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Species, sub-species and strains identification list

The PGA - maintenance and breeding program prototype, is based on a simple and regular database. Impeccable genealogy and lineages fallow up are important targets of this tool and will be offered as soon as the first data is inputted.

A primitive methodology is used during this start up first steps. Almost certainly soon ahead new modus operandi will be developed and other solutions tried out during make of use.

The suggested process to identify species is based on a code with the next parameters :

  • A segment comprising 2 digits ( from 01 to 99 ) to each genus.

  • A segment comprising 2 digits ( from 01 to 99 ) to each species inside every genus

  • A segment comprising 2 digits ( from 01 to 99 ) to each sub-species inside every species

  • A segment comprising 2 digits ( from 01 to 99 ) to each variety ( strain ) inside every species and sub-species

In this way a personalised eight ( 8 ) digit identification is produced according all possible requirements of present scientific classification of Anableptinae, Goodeinae and Poeciliinae Sub-Families.

Check on below picture the proposal model in scheme.

Next example is a small selection of PGA database with species, sub-species and strains identification list :

Clarifying this concept you are invited to focus on on the next 4 examples :

Gambusia xanthosoma match identity nº16420000.

It means that we are in the presence of species 42 ( xanthosoma ) of genus 16 (Gambusia ), according to the primary identification list, which concerns all livebearer Cyprinodontiformes known. Once there are no acknowledged subspecies neither any variety identified for Gambusia xanthosoma, related fields to these last two categories are marked with 0.

In next example, nº 32130200 identifies Poeciliopsis occidentalis sonorensis.

By the same way we quickly jump in to conclusion that this is species 13 ( occidentalis ) on genus 32 ( Poeciliopsis ). On the other hand, unlike Gambusia xanthosoma there are two identified subspecies. In fact, while Poeciliopsis occidentalis occidentalis is nº32130100, Poeciliopsis occidentalis sonorensis is recognized under nº32130200 in the system.

Now let’s pay attention on nº31270073 - Poeilia reticulata.

On this example please note that the last number is not equal to 0 as before. Actually, we are talking about one of the many varieties ( strains ) of Guppy raised in aquarium; to be more precisely the “ yellow snakeskin “  numbered as 73.

A final note to nº45990008. This identification code represents a hybrid concerning Xiphophorus xiphidium x Xiphophorus variatus merge ( original species male first, female after ).

Parental species are both Xiphophrus, thus genus code is 45 but, in this particular case note that species number is 99. This is the code number for all hybrid fishes on the system.

The last 08 means that at least 7 other possible combinations involving Xiphophorus species were catalogued on the PGA program data base before.

The animal identification code on this
maintenance and breeding program prototype will be only complete with data from original lineage source and management process suffixes as you can confirm on the management program section.

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