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The appropriate place for the tank

After some considerations about the suitable aquarium, let’s pay now some of our attention to the appropriate placement for the tank.
According to
10 basic rules for sustainable aquarium hobby suggested at this website, these two actions are at reverse order. By other words, first comes first and careful planning must be always the start off all the process.
Rule nº1, at the above mentioned suggestion ( with reference to sustainable aquarium hobby ), it’s precisely to keep always in mind that one must consider every of the possible consequences, before setting up an aquarium.
Among other reference topics developed at the five sub-headings there are two crucial ideas – the safety question in addition to the biological and environmental demands of living creatures as well.
Modern aquariums, particularly in industrial countries, work with several electrical equipments and devices. In such cases it becomes obvious that, one way or another, an electric power socket mustn’t be distant from the chosen place. This should become one of the first concerns while decide for the location.
On the other hand, water and electrical energy are not well-matched at all. Please seek advice from an electricity technician about the security crucial measures.
At an model outfit, all electric power socket near a tank must be placed above water level. This will avoid any accidents during water managing like at some stage of partial water changes or eventual leaks.
Weight is no doubt another important safety issue.
As large an aquarium water capacity is... as great the pressure over the installing location will be.
In a less accurate approach, we can assume here that one litre weights as much as one kilogram.
To find the end result it’s indispensable to calculate and sum of the empty tank, plus water, plus eventual equipments, plus rocky decorations and gravel weights. Even so, a 10% extra load must be considered in order to assure a more truthful heaviness and an extra resistance regarding the elected base.
Fallowing this suggestion, an 80 litres tank will weight as much as 95 kilograms or more, when completely assembled and at work.
As large the water capacity as high security reservations we must have with it. Generously proportioned aquariums have to regard your best attention on the subject of the floor strength. Particularly in older buildings, the area where the aquarium support piece of furniture will be placed must be very well premeditated.
For a 100 litres capacity full assembled tank, the ultimate weight will be around 150 kilograms. This load is quite concentrated in a small area of around 32 cm2. Besides this enormous heaviness for such little spot don’t forget persons around watching the aquarium in addition. This will increase the payload with a potential extra charge of... whatever the rate of extra kilograms.
Older wood flooring supported by beam structures or even some apartments concrete grounding should be very well thought-out before installation of larger aquariums, primarily the overweight ones. In many cases is indispensable to seek advice from a specialist.
On the above lines, living payload was not under our concern as their total influence is negligible in the full amount.
Has a base for any aquarium not placed directly in a stable ground, please consider a well-built and robust piece of furniture for support it.
For water capacity exceeding 80 litres, the proper furnishings for the tank placement must be well built thinking in such final purpose. Warranty of a supplemental resistance up to 20% to 25% of extra weight is essential, ( by written if necessary ).
In case of doubt do not hesitate to search at local pet shop trade for best recommendation and even final acquirement.
The support perfect horizontally is sometimes neglected with risk of rupture sooner or later.
Several earliest domestic aquariums could fell over water pressure or start to loose water simply because the base was not in a flat horizontal plan.
To look for the perfect plane use an air bubble levelling device or other more sophisticated substitute, prior to set up.
Another important and indispensable aspect, common to all the locations, is vibration.
A shaking place or frequent quivering must not be allowed in any circumstances at all.
Besides secondary effects on many living creatures’ good physical condition and wellbeing, trembling represents extra effort at glass as well as to joints in particular. Even with modern glue and thank assembling technique, there is a real risk of water leaks happening someday.
Between the aquarium and the support fittings, the best base is, no doubt, an expanded polystyrene plaque with enough tallness to hold up the setup pressure.
This alternative also allows to get a perfect thermal isolation and even to compensate minor base irregularities, ( undetected before the tank set up ).
The location it self must also never be uncared for.
Today it isn’t fundamental to place the tank near by a window anymore.
On modern lightning systems, ( provided with special lamps ), the natural sun light can be very well reproduced indoors. Conversely, some lightning tubes are made to obtain the best light spectrum to accomplish plants and some water communities’ best illumination requirements.
This allows us to choose literally any location whatsoever; even a dark corner of a living room or a place underground, were natural daylight never reach.
Direct sunlight must only be used with lightning purpose by specialized hobbyists.
Only a few species do need natural luminosity and besides algae boom problems, the sun radiance can disturb water temperature increasing it in to prohibitive levels by summer as well as in tropical climates.
An aquarium can in fact become a very decorative piece in an elapsed dark corner.
Even so remember always that, prior to ornamental issues, the living residents ecology must be respected in first place.
Please keep in mind that some aspects concerning the selected location must be avoided at all cost. Aggressions like smoke, sudden temperature fluctuations ( up or down ), high thermal amplitude, heat or cold sources near by ( similar to a fireplace or hearth, heat radiators, air conditioning ), intense odours, bad atmosphere ( gases ), bewilderment and people constantly in progress near by, strong noises, and so on, should never take place in the proximity of an aquarium.
If an ultimate effective reduction on these negative effects can’t be held, than another place must be preferred.
Planning is than imperative. Besides all that above was make clear, moving an aquarium at work is totally out of the question. This operation would reveal to become impracticable, if not by the weightiness of it self, the accident and fall down risk as well as permanent leaks or even rupture happen to become a factual threat. Such unthinkable action could also result in some additional hassle to the fauna inside the moving thank, with explicit stress consequences throughout a relatively long time after.
Remember also that biology of future residents must never be out of question during the project stage.
The perfect form is to start with the appropriate fish, invertebrates and plants, according to local year round conditions. The contrary can also be alleged but this isn’t an assignment for beginners.
Even if you want to start by quite out of the ordinary animals and plants never relegate the above recommendations. For instance, some fish will not stand or thrive under the highest temperatures of local summer season or can’t be acclimatized at indoors ambience at all.


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